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About Leo A. Nefiodow - Biography

1939-2022, he was one of the most well known experts of the Theory of Long Waves and one of the most renowned trailblazers of the information society. Since 1965, he worked in key positions in research and development and also served as an advisor to the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, multiple German state governments, international organizations and private companies. One of its emphases included future research. In 2004, he was a member of the “Our Future Economy” task force by the Club of Rome. 2014 he was awarded with the Bronze Medal by the International N.D. Kondratieff Foundation and the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 


Professional career (selection)


Studied Communication Technology at the Darmstadt Technical University. Followed by:

* From 1965 to 1967: Siemens AG, development of integrated circuits and technical training at the Central Research Laboratory in Munich for Siemens computer systems 4004/15, 4004/25 and 4004/45.

* From 1967 to 1970: IBM Research Laboratory in Böblingen: system software development for IBM System/360 Model 25.

* From 1970 to 1973: IBM Business Unit Sales Projects in Hamburg. Senior Consultant and Large-Scale Project Manager (reorganization of the Volkswagen AG central data center in Wolfsburg; database software development of monthly balance sheet statistics for Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt/Main; application conversion of IBM/DOS to IBM/OS operating system at Schering AG in Berlin).

* From 1973 to 2002: GMD/Fraunhofer Society in Sankt Augustin near Bonn. Multiple job functions as described below.

- Director of Project Management. Provided expert opinion and monitored information technology programs sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMFT).

- Consulting and assistance to BMFT new research and technology programs planning.

- Representative of Germany to the OECD “software industry“ expert panel in Paris.

- Member of panels of experts of the Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin state governments.

- Head of the Think Tank on Future Studies in Economics and Society. Lead participation in the BMFT “Information Technology 2000” support program. Numerous publications on the fifth and sixth Kondratieff.


The first edition of his book "Der sechste Kondratieff" (The Sixth Kondratieff) was published in 1996. It was the first publication in the world to identify the sixth Kondratieff. Nefiodow illustrates a holistic concept of health as the catalyst and carrier of the sixth Kondratieff and makes recommendations for handling the current problems such as the lack of a sustainable growth concept in the developed countries, high unemployment rates and underemployment, insufficient health care productivity, globally increasing disorder, crime and destruction.


Since 1996, Nefiodow has written more than 100 publications and given over 300 lectures on the sixth Kondratieff. The seventh edition of his book in German was released in 2014 (co-authored with Simone Nefiodow). He has proven the forecasting ability of the Theory of Long Waves with his publications and lectures and paved the way to an extensive discussion of the future. Those countries, regions, companies and people that focus on the sixth Kondratieff in time, will count among the winners during the 21st century.


Leo Nefiodow
Leo Nefiodow
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