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The sixth Kondratieff
  - The new long wave in the global economy

Where is the large promising growth potential today, which provides more than just short phases of economic recovery and which has been searched for by innovation research, companies, the economy and governments for many years? What barriers prevent its development? Which paths can lead to the development of this potential?

The reader will find an answer to these three questions in the book “The sixth Kondratieff”. The Theory of Long Waves serves as a scientific foundation. It is among those scientific theories that enable both an economic and social analysis of the structural change as well as reliable predictions about its development. In short, it shows that the economic and social development is primarily determined by periodic cycles of about 40-60 years. In honor of Nikolai Kondratieff (in some sources also referred to as Kondratiev), who discovered these cycles, these long fluctuations/waves are referred to as Kondratieff cycles. 

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